As a leading producer of cleaning chemicals, we understand that cleaning companies are professionals. This is why we meet the requirements of our clients by selling cleaning chemicals for different surfaces. Our products are manufactured basing on our own formulas and the conducted laboratory studies guarantee high quality. We provide a wide range of professional cleaning chemistry for cleaning companies with different applications such as wood, glass, concrete and plastics surfaces. Our products are perfect for pool areas as well as the office or production halls. We also offer a wide range of sanitary cleaning products. The hotel line completes our offer of cleaning chemicals in order to fulfill the requirements of the cleaning market.

Thanks to our own formulas we are able to develop and fit our cleaning chemicals to a certain building or the requirements of our clients.


All offered cleaning products have safety data sheets and are being tested and classified, what provides safety at everyday use. Our goal is to assure high comfort while using StudioLine products.


We invite you to contact us and we guarantee that our cleaning products will help you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. 



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